Our experience has taught us that there is a great need for a good working medical healthcare system for seafarers. On a preventive level (medical fitness examinations, vaccination policy, drug and alcohol prevention, etc.) as well as in case of a medical emergency onboard

It’s in everybody’s interest to offer high quality medical care to every seafarer. Both national governments, ship owners, shipping companies as well as the seafarers benefit greatly from a optimal working health care system that is especially orientated on the very specific needs of the shipping industry.
Health Onboard dedicates a lot of effort and attention to prevention and training. 

Health Onboard has all necessary expertise to establish a tailor made health care policy for seafarers and shipping companies/ship owners. 

Health Onboard ensures that all medical records and fitness examination results are centrally managed and correctly interpreted.

This results in a better care system, prevention, coaching and counseling of seafarers and their ship
G.M.A nv

Global Medical Logistical Assistance
was founded in 2000 with the primary aim to improve maritime healthcare by using modern but simple and cost saving communication technologies. 

With Health Onboard we can monitor and treat a seafarer’s health condition/problem quick and efficient. You might say that we provide both physical as well as mental care to seafarers. 

A fit and healthy seafarer means a healthy ship!   
Maritime Medical Health Care Services

Health Onboard uses web-technology in order to provide fast, efficient and world wide medical assistance.
Seafarers have a good and safe feeling, working and living aboard their ship, knowing and experiencing that there is a quick connection to healthcare.
The quick and adequate treatment of a medical condition: 

Saves Lives,
Saves Time,
Saves Money