The doctors of Mediport teach at the Belgian State Marine Academy and give extra training courses to merchant navy officers to improve the medical help onboard. 

The doctors visit ships in the port for vaccinations, drug and alcohol tests and examinations. They are also specialised in tropical diseases and travel advice. 

One of our doctors is past president of the ‘International Maritime Health Association’, and Chairman of the editorial Board for the revised edition of the ‘International Medical Guide for Ships, by order of the WHO and ILO. 
Furthermore he coordinates the SHIP program (Seafarers’ Health Information Program) by the ICSW.

With this great expertise and knowledge, these doctors are dedicated to give the classic Radio Medical Advice a new impulse based on web technology. 

Global Maritime Assistance nv (GMA) offers a complete Health Care package to the maritime industry that will improve the medical support to ships. Our service has been renamed in 2006 to: 
Connected to Care..
Medical Team

Health Onboard has a team of experienced maritime physicians, who are on call 24/7 to give medical advice to ships throughout the world, 365 days a year. 

All medical services are provided by the
Mediport clinic in the Port of Antwerp – Belgium. 

Mediport was created in it’s present form in 1985 but goes back to almost a century of medical science in the Port of Antwerp. 
Ill and injured seafarers can always find help at Mediport, be hospitalised in Antwerp and repatriated.