24/7 Medical advice

Health Onboard has a team of experienced maritime physicians, who are on call 24/7 to give medical advice to ships throughout the world, 365 days a year.

All medical services are provided by the Mediport Clinic in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium.
Case Management  

In case a patient is referred to a local health-care provider or is hospitalised, the Health Onboard medical team can help in preparing the medical file. The medical team can follow up and review the advice given and the proposed treatment plan and act as "a second opinion".
On the one hand, the HOB medical staff communicates with doctors and hospitals, on the other hand, the HOB office keeps the shipping company and insurance informed.  Health Onboard can help you to control the budget and select the best care available for the patient.
Drug & Alcohol policy  

Health Onboard helps a shipping company to organise a consistent D&A policy and select a number of ports, medical providers and laboratories to do the testing on a randomised bases.  Health Onboard provides all necessary information & brochures to help prevent drug and alcohol abuse onboard. 

Health Onboard also provides drug and alcohol emergency test kits, training in case of a SMI – new USCG regulation 2006
Medical Training  
Already for many years, Health Onboard organizes training courses in first aid for seafarers, port personnel as well as off-shore personnel.   

Our training courses are compliant with the different international and national regulations. (STCW, IMO, ILO, WHO)

Vital Cure

With our Vital Cure software program, your ship has a quick and reliable link to experienced maritime doctors 24/7.

Vital cure software is specifically designed for ships to provide Remote Medical Assistance by enabling communication with the doctor on shore by exchange of structured medical files.

All messages and emergency calls are sent to 1 maritime medical alarm centre, that is linked to a network of all kinds of specialists, like cardiologists, dermatologists etc.
Medical Data Management  NEW

Medical fitness examinations, consultations and treatments take place all over the world. Health Onboard integrates all these data in one central medical database, managed by experienced maritime physicians. In this way, the ship owner gets a better view on the medical problems and a consistent medical policy can be developed. 
Health Onboard can select the clinics, harmonizes the pre-employment and periodic medical fitness examinations in different countries, follows up the results and can audit foreign clinics that do fitness examinations.